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Write Right Handwriting Protocol

How Happy Handwriting Happens

What is the Write-Right Handwriting Protocol?

How Happy Handwriting Happens

The Write-Right Handwriting Protocol was developed to improve proper pencil grasp and overall hand writing.  It is a researched evidence-based tool that combines what is developmentally appropriate for a child as well as what a child's academic expectations are through school.  Developed by leading occupational therapists, university professors, professional grade school educators, and adaptive experts, the Write-Right Protocol is broken into four developmental stages.  Each stage betters the students grasp, increases legibility, eliminates their hands from getting tired during writing activities by avoiding maladaptive pencil grasps, and increases overall performance confidence.

How does the Write-Right  Handwriting Protocol work?

Review the stages below to learn how.


Stage One


Stage Two


Stage Three


Stage Four



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