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Stage Two

Moving from Stage One where the thumb, index, and middle finger are guided by the pencil grip, this stage takes advantage of the learned muscle memory from stage one.  The middle finger is removed from the static constant guidance of the Stage One pencil grip. The Stage Two grip guides the thumb and index finger.  The middle finger is automatically correctly placed, which is learned from stage one.

Stage Two is the perfect grip for children of all ages who are trying to correct and improve hand writing. The design reduces muscle strain while ensuring  comfortable writing.


The designed grip positioning is highly accurate and allows for the recommended "science triangle" (pictured left) to let children immobilize fingers for proper tri-pod positioning.

Poor pencil grasp has been known to lead to skin irritation including blistering and skin thickening. The Stage Two pencil grip has two holes that can fix the thumb and index finger, allowing your child to hold their pencil the correct way preventing irritations.  

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